Gardening & Growing

Gardening & Growing

Planning a Garden

Land access

Liability Insurance

  • If you are gardening on your rental property, speak to your landlord about adjusting the insurance policy. 
  • Speak to an insurance agent for liability insurance to have insurance cover any gardening activities, homeowner policy adjustments or business allowances, farmstand activities, tax liability, tax filing (such as self employed schedule F), processing produce liability. 
  • Speak to Neighborhood Associations or Council about the possibility of being included in their policy.
  • For Minneapolis Garden Lease Program lots, ensure liability insurance according to its’ requirements for community gardens and market gardens
  • Gardening Matters resource guide page 2 
  • American Community Garden Association offers liability insurance policy up to 1 million dollars.
  • Minnesota Farmers Market Association can help community gardens find insurance
  • St. Cloud-based Advantage 1 Insurance will provide insurance to gardens

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Audit and Planning

City of MPLS [requirements]

Additional resources

  • Homegrown Minneapolis community gardens general page 
  • Public Health Law Center, Appetite for Change (2017) Minneapolis Food Production Statutes


Garden layout (garden mapping, raised bed)

Seeds (planning, seed saving, best crops for MPLS, etc)

Soil, Compost & Water

Harvesting Vegetables

Garden Guides (great for planning, documentation, agreements, materials, pest management, and safety precautions)

Donating & Selling Produce

Donation spots (accepting produce at all times)

Farmers markets + stands