Policy Action Teams

Point of contact: Miah Ulysse -

The Policy Action Team increases capacity of the broader Coalition and Northside community to advocate for and advance policies that would impact the north Minneapolis food system (this could be local, city-wide, state, or federal level).

Current Project: Establish a Northside Fresh Food Justice Platform for Northside city council/parks board candidates.

In May 2017, the Northside Fresh Policy Action Team was created to increase our community’s capacity to elevate personal power and voice and to learn about the process of policy making. Over the summer, the team connected with the community via events, store tabling, surveys, etc. to identify what we as a community need in order to continue building a thriving food system.

This Food Justice Platform identifies a number of policies that Northside Fresh recommends those running for office to implement once elected; it is intended to HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE to the demands of our community! We recognize that these are just a few of the many policy changes that are necessary.

The Platform focuses only on the City Council and  Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board candidates. From parks to grocery stores, these governing bodies have a large hand in shaping the way we grow, access, and sell food.

This Platform is the first of many projects to come, each seeking to unite the Northside and bring in more residents, business owners, organizations, and agencies together on creating and advocating for policies that will positively impact the change we seek in our Northside food system.


Learning/Evaluation Team

Point of contact: Miah Ulysse -

In May 2017, the Learning/Evaluation Team was created to ensure positive and sustainable growth of the Coalition through continued learning and evolution of Northside Fresh as needed.

Current project: This team is currently in the process of planning and implementing a community-led evaluation of Northside Fresh Coalition and our coalition partners to shed light on how we can grow together. The team began with identifying what was most vital to understand, developed an interview questionnaire, and is currently in the process of reaching out to other coalition partners to conduct interviews.

Outreach/Events Team

Point of contact: Melanie Heckt -

The Outreach/Events Team was created in February 2017 to assist in planning, community outreach, engagement for events the Coalition plans or that the Coalition is invited to participate in (co-hosting, tabling, etc.). Since the beginning of the year, the Outreach/Events Team has planned a seed distribution, plant distribution, and community potluck.

Current project: Currently, the team is collaborating with the  Policy Action Team to plan/implement a Ward 4 & 5 city council candidate forum featuring the 2017 Northside Fresh Food Justice Platform.

Special Projects Team

Point of contact: Melanie Heckt -

This team was created in May 2017 to initiate and lead short-term, time-sensitive projects that mutually benefit multiple coalition partners around a similar topic/goal.

Current project: TBD